Accountancy one stop service

Registration Services

Personal and shop
Registration services
Limited Partnership
Registration services
Registering Company information with the government organizations
Dissolution services
Other services
Preparation of Memorandum of Association
Preparation of registration application
Drafting of business objectives / articles of incorporation / company by-laws
Registering Company information with the government organizations
Dissolution services
Merger and acquisition services

Accounting Services

Preparing monthly accounts complying with Thai Accounting Standards and
International Financial Reporting Standards. This includes preparing input VAT
and output VAT reports, payment vouchers, receiving vouchers, account receivable control, account payable control, inventory control and general ledger etc.
Closing accounting book for mid-year and year-end period
Preparing annual financial statements and file them with Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce
Business development services
Monthly and annual budgeting services
Preparing Sor. Bor. Chor. 3 form and list of sharesholders (“Bor. Or. Jor. 5”) and other documents in order to file them with Ministry of Commerce
Payroll management services

Assurance Services

As we mentioned before, the Company and Limited partnership in Thailand is required to prepare
the financial statements and submit it to both the Revenue Department and Ministry of Commerce.
Our company also provides the assurance service as well as reviews of prospective financial
information by the authorized auditors. In addition, we also provide internal audit service
to the Company in order to improve the Company’s controls in each stage of business.

Legal Services

Legal consultancy services Assist in litigation services i.e. criminal law, civil law, family law, labor disputes etc.
Drafting and reviewing agreements and contracts i.e. purchase contracts, land and house sale contracts,
sale and lease back agreements, hire purchase agreements, employment contracts, loan agreements etc.
Assist in notary services i.e. certification of identity of parties to an agreement,
verification to the authenticity of signatures in documents, be witness to
the signing of parties to documents and administration of oaths and affirmations etc.

Work Permit & Visa

Thailand work permit services
Non-Immigrant visa (Single-entry)
1-year Non-Immigrant visa (Multiple-entry)
Non-Immigrant B visa (Employment)
Three-Year Non-Immigrant Visa “B” (Business only)
Marriage visa
Retirement visa
1-year visa
90-day Non-Immigrant visa

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